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Panama City, Panamá Province 448 views Oct 24, 2023

$225,000 Selling

Category House
Square 194 m²
Number of bedrooms 4
Number of bathrooms 3
Price $225,000
Listing Number PLS-19919
Land Area m² 262

Homely Haven in Los Pinos de Chanis: Where Comfort Meets Convenience

Imagine a home not just as a structure, but as a sanctuary for your dreams and moments. This duplex in Los Pinos de Chanis, with its 262m2 of land and 194m2 of construction, is precisely that. Here, every nook tells a story of comfort, every cranny is a whisper of relaxation.

The ground floor welcomes you with a promise: a promise of shared laughter in the spacious living room, of culinary delights in the cozy dining area, and of endless possibilities in the versatile den. The service room and bathroom stand testimony to the thoughtfulness poured into the home, while the laundry area and storage speak of practicality.

Ascend to the top floor, and the narrative of comfort continues. Three inviting bedrooms await, with the master bedroom offering an ode to privacy with its own bathroom. The real poetry, however, lies in the two balconies. One, a stage for the vibrant street life; the other, a quiet alcove with views of nature’s embrace.

Step outside, and the plot thickens in the serene patio. Whether it's festive gatherings or quiet introspection, this space is your canvas.


  • Generous land area of 262m2 and construction of 194m2
  • 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, weaving comfort with convenience
  • Service room and bathroom, a thoughtful touch of luxury
  • Two balconies, offering perspectives of vibrancy and tranquility
  • Private patio, a haven for relaxation or socialization


Los Pinos de Chanis, a name synonymous with residential bliss in Panama. Here, tranquility and security are your neighbors, and schools, malls, parks, and essential services are not just amenities but companions.


Los Pinos de Chanis, Panama City, Panama

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PLS-19919 - Your exclusive gateway to top-tier non-MLS properties in Panama.


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Los Pinos de Chanis, Panama City, Panama

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