PH Deluxe 3-BR Apartment in Paitilla with Service Quarters - PLS-19916 | Panama's Elite Listings Beyond MLS

Panama City, Panamá Province 272 views Oct 23, 2023

$460,000 Selling

Category Condo
Square 177 m²
Number of bedrooms 3
Number of bathrooms 4
Price $460,000
Listing Number PLS-19916

Elevate Your Standards: 3-BR Service Quarters in PH Deluxe, Paitilla

Welcome to a life of privilege in PH Deluxe, Paitilla. A world where elegance resides at every corner, and the city's heartbeat is palpable yet pleasantly muffled by the comfort of your abode. This 3-bedroom spectacle, a rare find on the Panama Listing Service, transcends expectations typically reserved for MLS discoveries.


  • Generous 177m2 of meticulously designed space
  • 3 resplendent bedrooms plus service room and bathroom
  • Integrated living and dining area, a stage for unforgettable moments
  • Private balcony, your front-row seat to captivating cityscapes
  • Convenient amenities: pool, gym, sauna, and a view-soaked rooftop


Perfectly positioned in Paitilla, this residence in PH Deluxe stands as a beacon of luxury amidst the vibrant city life, offering both the excitement of metropolitan living and the sanctuary of an upscale retreat.


PH Deluxe, Paitilla, Panama City, Panama

Panama Listing Service ID:

PLS-19916 - A curated selection surpassing typical MLS offerings.


PH Deluxe, Luxury Living, Paitilla, Service Quarters, City Views, High-End Amenities, PLS-19916, Beyond MLS, Panama Sophistication


PH Deluxe, Paitilla, Panama City, Panama

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