Pedasi's Dream Villa: 3-Bedroom Oasis with Casita - PLS-19887

Pedasí, Los Santos Province 484 views Sep 11, 2023

$469,000 Selling

Category VillaHouse
Square 235 m²
Number of bedrooms 3
Number of bathrooms 4
Price $469,000
Listing Number PLS-19887
Land Area m² 850

Pedasi's Dream Villa: 3-Bedroom Oasis with Casita

Description: Welcome to 'Casa de los Suenos' - the House of Dreams. Nestled in Pedasi, this villa is a tale of luxury and local charm. Though only 2 years young, it feels timeless. A stone's throw from the beach and a leisurely stroll to town, it's where convenience waltzes with tranquility. The main abode offers 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, while the casita, a little story of its own, adds another bedroom, 2 baths, and a cozy kitchen-bar space. Whether it's a poolside siesta, a garden rendezvous, or a BBQ fiesta, this property is your stage.


  • 3 bedrooms, 4 baths: A symphony of space and style
  • Main villa: 160 m2 of elegance; Casita: 75 m2 of charm
  • Culinary dreams: Modern kitchen with granite whispers and elite appliances
  • Custom blinds: Windows dressed in finesse
  • Pool: Your personal slice of the ocean
  • Gardens: A lush tapestry with fruit tree melodies
  • Protection: Whole-house surge guardian and individual sentinels for appliances
  • Connectivity: High-speed fiber optic tales
  • Water: A 100 ft deep well, the property's lifeblood
  • Adventure Bonus: 2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 Limited ATV

Location: 'Casa de los Suenos' sits in Pedasi's heart, where every day feels like a page from a fairy tale. With the beach narrating tales of the horizon and the town singing local lullabies, it's a balance of thrill and serenity. Dive into Pedasi's culture, dance with the waves, or simply pen your own story in this dreamy abode.  Pedasi, the crown jewel of the Azuero Peninsula, is a canvas painted with tropical dreams. Its beaches whisper tales of azure adventures, while its heart beats with vibrant culture. Amidst this paradise, modern amenities play a gentle tune, creating a symphony of relaxation and luxury. In Pedasi, every day feels like a page from a fairy tale, where you're both the protagonist and the storyteller. Dive into this Panamanian paradise and let Pedasi narrate your dream chapter.

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