Outstanding Penthouse at P.H. Allure: Spacious Luxury with Panoramic Views | Panama Listing Service ID: PLS-19910

Panama City, Panamá Province 350 views Oct 04, 2023

$1.5million Selling

Category Condo
Square 515 m²
Number of bedrooms 3
Number of bathrooms 4
Number of floors 55
Price $1.5million

Allure Penthouse: A Pinnacle of Elegance at P.H. Allure

Perched atop P.H. Allure, the Allure Penthouse is a masterclass in luxury and design. Every inch of its 515m2 exudes sophistication, offering panoramic views that serve as a daily reminder of Panama's breathtaking beauty.

Step inside to a world of opulence. The master bedroom, a sanctuary of comfort, boasts a walk-in closet that speaks of grandeur and a bathroom with a bathtub spacious enough for two, ensuring moments of shared relaxation.


  • Size: An expansive 515m2 of meticulously designed space.
  • Bedrooms: Three luxurious bedrooms, each with its own on-suite bathroom. The master suite stands out with its vast walk-in closet and a two-person bathtub.
  • Living Room: A space that radiates warmth and elegance, perfect for relaxation or entertaining.
  • Family Room: Crafted for shared moments and family bonding.
  • Dining Room: Dine in style, with every meal becoming an occasion.


P.H. Allure, a name that resonates with luxury in Panama. Located in a prime spot, the Allure Penthouse offers its residents unparalleled comfort, luxury, and panoramic views of the cityscape.


Allure Penthouse, P.H. Allure, Panama City, Panama

Panama Listing Service ID:

PLS-19910 - The premier choice over MLS in Panama


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Allure Penthouse, P.H. Allure, Panama City, Panama

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