Opulent Villa 147 in Farallón, Coclé - PLS-19912: A Secluded Paradise Near Royal Decameron

Farallón, Coclé Province 457 views Oct 17, 2023

$380,000 Selling

Category Villa
Number of bedrooms 3
Number of bathrooms 4
Price $380,000
Listing Number PLS-19912

Villa 147: Farallón's Secluded Paradise of Elegance - PLS-19912

Embark on a journey to Villa 147, a realm where luxury permeates every detail. Hidden within Farallón's embrace, this villa is a treasure trove of opulence, a place where comfort dances with elegance. Each living space is a chapter of a story yet to unfold, and the kitchen, a culinary stage set for the gourmet experiences you'll craft.

Beyond the interiors, the expansive patio whispers invitations for unforgettable gatherings, while the covered terrace promises serene moments under the Panamanian sky. Villa 147, however, is more than a home; it's a gateway to a lifestyle adorned with luxurious amenities and endless possibilities.


  • Bedrooms: 3 resplendent bedrooms, each featuring an en-suite bathroom, a sanctuary of relaxation.
  • Servant Quarters: Well-appointed quarters, a testament to the villa's comprehensive grandeur.
  • Living Spaces: Expansive areas, furnished with elegance, ready for dining and heartfelt conversations.
  • Kitchen: A modern epicurean delight, equipped for culinary adventures.
  • Parking: Ample space with double parking, simplifying your comings and goings.
  • Outdoor: A vast patio and a refined covered terrace, your personal canvas for relaxation or entertainment.
  • Amenities: Exclusive access to a beach club, golf course, and more, enriching your luxurious lifestyle.


In Farallón, within the serene confines of Coclé Province, you'll discover Villa 147. This exquisite residence offers more than an elite address; it promises a lifestyle of unparalleled luxury and peace. Situated near the famed Royal Decameron, life here is measured not in hours, but in the timeless moments you'll cherish.


Villas de Costa Blanca, Casa #147, Raqueta Dos, Farallón, Coclé, Panama

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PLS-19912 - Your premier destination for elite properties in Panama


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Villas de Costa Blanca, Casa #147, Raqueta Dos, Farallón, Coclé, Panama

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