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Boca Chica, Panamá Province 239 views Jul 27, 2023

$1.7million Selling

Category Commercial property
Number of bedrooms 8
Price $1.7million
Listing Number PLS-18607

A rare find in an excellent up-and-coming area in Boca Chica.

An oceanfront fishing lodge with direct access to launch deep-sea fishing boats is a dream for fishing enthusiasts. The proximity to Hannibal Banks, known for its abundance of marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, and more, adds to the appeal.

The inclusion of space to store boats out of the water is convenient and ensures the longevity of the vessels. Having four separate lodges, each with a separate bedroom and a loft room with space for 2 queen beds, provides ample accommodation options for guests or residents. The private bathrooms with showers and lounge areas in each lodge offer comfort and privacy.

The extended storage area, in one of the lodges, for cold storage boxes is an excellent addition for keeping the day’s catch fresh. The communal kitchen, dining, and entertainment area, including the downstairs and covered upstairs viewing decks, provide spaces for socializing, relaxing, and enjoying meals with fellow guests or residents. The swimming pool adds another element of leisure and enjoyment to the property.

The spectacular views of the Pacific Sea and the refreshing sea breeze contribute to the overall ambiance of the waterfront property. And for those seeking climate control, the lodges’ air conditioning ensures a comfortable stay even during warmer periods.

With its array of amenities and prime location, your oceanfront fishing lodge offers a unique opportunity for fishing enthusiasts and those seeking a relaxing coastal getaway.

The excellent access off a brand new main road and the proximity to the town of Boca Chica make your oceanfront fishing lodge even more appealing. Easy accessibility is a significant advantage for guests or residents, as it allows for convenient transportation and exploration of the surrounding area.

The versatility of the property is a significant advantage as well. With the ability to accommodate a large party of people, the lodge becomes an ideal option for hosting events, family gatherings, or group vacations. Alternatively, renting out each lodge separately provides flexibility for couples or smaller families who prefer a more private and intimate experience. It is even ideal for conferencing!

The fact that the lodge is in good condition and requires minimal work is a significant selling point. This means that potential buyers or renters can move in or start operations without the need for extensive renovations or repairs, saving time and resources.

The property’s suitability as an Airbnb option is an exciting prospect. The ability to cater to different types of guests, whether it’s a large group or individual travelers, opens up opportunities for generating income through short-term rentals. The appeal of an oceanfront fishing lodge with various amenities is likely to attract visitors looking for a unique and memorable experience.

Overall, your oceanfront fishing lodge offers a combination of convenience, versatility, and excellent condition, making it an attractive option for both personal use and rental purposes.

The owners will consider owner financing under certain conditions only.




Boca Chica, Panama

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